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My story

My name is Igor, I'm a Polish guy well in my 30s. My name's exceptional even in my country.

Since I turned 18 I had quite a few different jobs: running my own interactive agency, working as an accountant and a copywriter, organizing conferences and fixing computers. Finally I settled on project management, running big projects for even bigger corporations. Money, career - everything was perfect. Until The Burnout.

You must have heard a similar story: a period of total depression followed by an epiphany. I was born a non-conformist. I always tried to live more consciously, to explore and share my findings with others. Yet year after year I had less time and energy to do so. I realised I have to quit my comfortable manager's life. I was scared to death but I did it. And I prevailed!

It aint't always easy, but there is life after a cubicle! I teach project management, host on Airbnb and do couple of more things. I have finally found time to read all the books that had been waiting on my shelf. Hell, I've signed up with a modelling agency! Always wanted to give that a shot.

I actually like project management!

Corporate times, employee of the year.

Doing charity work could be tough.

As a young boy, I was a cute girl.

Keeping up the pace, barely.

NYC, always wanted to see it!

Tokyo. Asia also was "on my list".

Israel. Chilling out in a kibbutz.

User manual

How should you be "using me"? It's kind of a joke, but not entirely. Below a part of my Insights Discovery report (more on it here) related to communication. It summarizes my preferences in this area pretty well.

Strategies for communicating with Igor:

  • Be realistic while offering possibilities and solutions.
  • Show respect for his ideas and opinions.
  • Allow him time to consider all the information.
  • Be diplomatic, or else.
  • Support his goals with suggestions for achievement. Be receptive and open minded.
  • Match your own assertiveness to his pace. Be prepared to get a quick decision.
  • Be thorough, organised and on time.

When communicating with Igor, DO NOT:

  • Overload him with facts, details and paperwork. Be messy, unstructured or ill-equipped.
  • Be surprised if he breaks the rules.
  • Use off the cuff remarks.
  • Try to pin the blame on him.
  • Expect to “rail road” him - without a fight.
  • Be unrealistic or stray on to abstractions. Be value or imprecise.
  • Impose a “can't be done” or defeatist attitude on him. Underestimate his abilities to decide for himself.
  • Appear slow, sluggish or too formal.

Site history

Why do I even bother creating a personal website? First of all - this is a bit of a tradition - I launched my first site in 1997 (Mark Zuckerberg was 13 at that time!). It also fun and allows me to refresh the basics of web-development skills.

IgorMroz.Com has had many names and was hosted on many servers, inlcuding ones pioneering the Internet in Poland - KKI and Polbox until it finally settled under my personal domain, safely hosted by my friend Piotr.

Each new release mirrored me growing up, changing tastes and interests. There used to be a pretty big section devoted to the video game Diablo (yes, the first, 1996 edition), there was one worshipping my adolescent love - Claudia Schiffer. My taste for design has undergone some evolution too. From the Netscape-Composer-spawned, frame-based and animated-gif-packed first versions. Through carefully designed and polished (long, gruelling nights) editions. Until a minimalistic site built within 45 minutes using notepad. And finally this one - utilizing self-adjusted free template found online (why reinvent the wheel?).

Want to have a good laugh? Check out a compilation of screenshots from various versions of this site.

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