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So who needs a personal website in 2017?

Let's just say that Google has it's disadvantages. The stuff I do in my life is pretty varied and it frequently happens that someone looking for, say, information about 'Igor from a venture capital fund', ends up confused when he stumbles upon my lifestyle blog (and vice versa). So, without a further ado: my name is Igor Mróz ('Mróz' means 'Frost'), I'm a Polish guy well in my 30s with a headquarters in a beautiful city of Cracow. When someone approaches me with the accursed 'what do you do for a living?', my answer is usually a witty, pre-rehearsed:

Which story would you like to hear? About co-managing a venture capital firm, doing a spin on a catwalk or guerilla fighting against backwards management training market?

Decide for yourself and then choose an appropriate link (or read on):

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Site history

Why do I even bother creating a personal website (apart from preventing the aforementioned confusion)? First of all - it's a kind of tradition. I launched my first site twenty years ago, back in 1997 when Mark Zuckerberg was in junior high. Second (and less sentimental) reason is that it's fun and gives me an opportunity to refresh my web-development skills.

IgorMroz.Com has had many names and was hosted on many servers, inlcuding ones pioneering the Internet in Poland - KKI and Polbox until it finally settled under my personal domain, safely hosted by my friend Piotr.

Each new release mirrored me growing up, changing tastes and interests. There used to be a pretty big section devoted to the video game Diablo (yes, the first, 1996 edition), there was one worshipping my adolescent love - Claudia Schiffer. My taste for design has undergone some evolution too. From the Netscape-Composer-spawned, frame-based and animated-gif-packed first versions. Through carefully designed and polished (long, gruelling nights) editions. Until a minimalistic site built within 45 minutes using notepad. And finally this one - utilizing self-adjusted free template found online (why reinvent the wheel?).

Want to have a good laugh? Check out a compilation of screenshots from various versions of this site.

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